R.I.P. Prince 

The legendary, iconic musician and artist known as Prince died on April 21, 2016. Prince was a multi-platinum record selling artist. A huge humanitarian, songwriter, and a extremely gifted musician. He was 57 years old. Prince's music meant a lot to me and it inspired me as a young child, and still even to this day.  What are your thoughts on his music career? What did his music mean to you? What are your thoughts on his death? 

Really Kanye??  

So... Kanye West compares Kim Kardashian to First Lady Michelle Obama??   REALLY?? SMH. Click on the link below and listen. Then share your thoughts.


People are a trip!! 

I was recently listening to Inspiration 1390 AM in Chicago. The topic in the afternoon was a guy who says that he believes that men SHOULD NOT have sex with their WIVES on Saturday in order to be effective on Sunday morning. My thoughts are that this guy is a complete idiot!! The Bible says that marriage is honorable and the marriage bed is undefiled. What do you think?? Share your thoughts

Black History Moment 

Well... it's February which is also known as "BLACK HISTORY MONTH". To the majority of the African American community this month is very special and significant. To others and or others races maybe not so much. Please share one of your favorite moments in Black History whether it be past or present. Also speak if Black History Month is important to you or not.